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Target Face Mask erran, but I only got a second level battle.When Chen Ba just finished speaking, Target Face Mask he picked up the glass and poured a drink into his mouth.When he heard this, he squirted it directly. He blinked and said to Ye Han Target Face Mask You just got into the battle h.all and got a second level warfare. I don t know if you know how hard it is to get it.Is it difficult Target Face Mask Ye Han asked Target Face Mask curiously. Of course, it is difficult.Chen Target Face Mask Ba said indignantly. The battle hall is Target Face Mask different from other places such as Target Face Mask the hunter gather guild.The battle rank of the battle hall is almost completely unrelated to the individual cultivation.It only depends on the military achievements established by the individual.The first level of black warfare is okay. You only need to hunt 100 demon class monsters, you can get a hundred points of battle, and then redeem the warfare, while the second level warfare has directly turned a hundred times, and it takes 10,000 points to win.That is, 10,000 monsters He still doesn t know what Ye Han has done for the Terran, but listening to Ye Han s disregard of this second level warfare is a bad mood.After all, he hi

mself has recently changed to an orange warfare.It has been a second level war for a long time. Ye Han nose mask anti dust Target Face Mask didn t feel awkward about what nature landing face masks he said, and took a look at Target Face Mask his warfare From the second level warfare to the warfare, the required combat power should be a hundred times different.So, u line niosh n95 mask you n95 tb mask fitting have already killed millions. Only the beast Chen Bazui s corner is pumping, saying Target Face Mask Of course this is not.The Yaozu also has a grade. A.minimum level of demon is a little meritorious service, while a demon will be a hundred custom photo face masks points, and a demon will be a thousand.Point, the demon king is a million points, so I have not killed the demon king, but I have guarded the Cangsheng for more than 30 years, the demon who will die under my hand, the demon soldier, and several times Target Face Mask Target Face Mask to participate in the hunting and demon The resulting military achievements have reached a million points.Listening to her, Ye Han sighed again and said If you say this, this second Target Face Mask level warfare is equivalent to one hundred demon or one demon handsome.One hundred demon will still be there Chen Target Face Mask Ba is completely speechless, and I really want to sa

Target Face Mask

y that Ye Han doesn t know the height of the sky, but think about Target Face Mask Ye Han before the black prison, even the terrible enchanting class cloud smashed, and indeed qualified to say such a thing He really does Target Face Mask not know what Ye Han has contributed to the War Hall, and it is not good to comment any more.Haha, little guy, you don t want Target Face Mask to be satisfied. At this time, Niu Shan finally reopened.You don t forget, what you are offering to the war hall is ready to be sold, instead of directly contributing ownership.If you want to Target Face Mask Contribute to the ownership, the old cow Target Face Mask I immediately go back to give you a battle, how t.o Do not dry Ye Han did not want to, but directly refused.Niu Shan looked at him with a smile Target Face Mask and said You have to think clearly, the rights of the soldiers are enormous.Among your princes and brothers, there are several people who have the wars.Ye Han still refused. Just kidding, although the warfare is indeed of no small use, he does everything possible to send the cloud to the battle hall.In addition to using the power of the battle hall to relieve his immediate crisis, the biggest purpose is

to earn by this method.Take a lot of exploits, and then redeem respirator mask purpose the benefits from the battle hall, you will be so how to make face masks that smell amazing short sighted In the battle hall, the combat power between all members can be traded with each other.When he hangs the cloud in the trading hall of the war how long can i keep face masks hall, even if he only receives 10 points of military exploits, there are 100,000 points for 10,000 people.If you charge a hundred points of war, you will sell Target Face Mask it to 10,000 people.The battle Target Face Mask he gets is enough for him to upgrade to a feline coronavirus serology warrior.Niu Shan looked at Target Face Mask him so crisply, and he was very happy.He said with a smile I like haha very much in your answer.Remember, no matter who comes to you, how much it Target Face Mask costs, you must continue to keep what is organic vapor type respirator such an answer.Ye Han brows a pick and asks The cow is the main thing, why is this Li.n Target Face Mask Yaner and Chen Ba also looked at Niushan in a thoughtful way.This is related to the second purpose of my search for you today.Niu Shan did not evade them, and said very simply to Ye Han, I am going to help you to sell that practice.Help me sell Target Face Mask Target Face Mask Ye Han s face suddenly became a little weird.It doesn t seem to be neces